Mayor request to investors

Dear friends!

I am glad to greet everybody who is interested Kovel investment offers! History of Kovel connected with important events that took place on the territory of Volyn for centuries. They have left a mark on a modern form of the town, have essentially affected its economic development. According to the legend the town was founded by a famous smith who had forged a sword for prince Danylo Galytskyy. At present Kovel is famous for its forged pieces too. Contemporaries call Kovel a town of railwaymen. Today its railway lines lead to countries of the world.

This important fact has essential value for the foreign partners interested in development of their business. Thanks to its convenient geographical position Kovel has sufficiently powerful transport potential, and is remarkable for its intensive development, distinctly affecting the regional economy and development of Volyn as a whole. Every year Kovel gets more and more distinct features of the European town.

Kovel established partner relations between town communities of other countries. Within agreements being signed we cooperate with Helm, Brzeg Dolny, Legionowo, Lenchna (Poland), Walsrode and Barsinghausen (Germany), Utena (Lithuania), Pinsk (Belarus), Rzhev (Russia). This cooperation is a presentation of our town and our state on international level.

Creation of favorable conditions for external and internal investments is one of the main tasks of authority today. Application of strategic planning practice enables to carry out tasks successfully rising a standard of living of citizens. We are concerned in an establishment of the international long-term cooperation with the purpose of technical reequipment of base industrial complexes, introduction of high technological manufactures.

Kovel has the branched infrastructure both powerful industrial and personnel potential, the unique technologies, tried business relations with the Ukrainian and foreign partners.

I am convinced, that information will help to find mutually advantageous offers, become a reliable adviser for choice of the future business partners, will be the assistant for those who intend to invest in economy of Kovel. Kovel is open for economic cooperation and waits for new business offers of potential investors for mutually advantageous cooperation.

Remember, the success comes to those who begin to act the first!

Welcome to Kovel!


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